Entry-Level Screen Goo Basic Paint Now Available Worldwide

screengoo-0815Goo Systems is the maker of Screen Goo, a high end projection paintable surface used for home theaters, small meeting rooms and classrooms.

However, there are other applications where depth of image is not as much of a consideration. Displaying spreadsheets in a boardroom or classroom or projecting hymn lyrics in a church sanctuary and other similar text-based and simple graphics applications don’t require the sophistication of the of a full blown Screen Goo installation. Goo Systems has developed a new product called Goo Basic for these installs.

Available in White for fully light controlled environments and Grey (negative gain) for moderately lit rooms, Goo Basic is a fraction of the cost of the original Screen Goo. Should the end user’s projection needs evolve, a Goo Basic Screen can be upgraded to a Screen Goo surface with the addition of a suitable Screen Goo Finish coat.

Goo Basic is now in stock and available worldwide here.