Scott’s Crystal Ball?

hiring-signRecently, I wrote about how integrators should consider providing their technical staff as a service to institutions.  I used a couple of examples of when higher ed, in particular, is in need of extra staffing.  In that column, I mentioned that we have turn over, like any other workplace.

Yikes, I may have jinxed myself.  Last week we lost our senior AV person at Bates College.  The “vidkid” as we called him, has terrific technical skills, and experience that always allowed him to “fab something up” when we ran into problems.  Don’t get me wrong, while it is a tough transition, he had a great opportunity that he could not pass up.  We are happy to see him move on and grow in his career.

Yes, as I mentioned in my previous column, this leaves us in a tight spot.  Two weeks until classes begin and one less staff member.  This would be an amazing opportunity for an integrator to step in and offer me up a member of his technical staff until we have been able to replace the staff member.  I will grant that I am not sure of exactly how this works on the business end for the integrator.  Certainly they, like everyone else, can not just have a staff member with nothing scheduled in case a customer needs them.

What I do know though, it that this is more than about money.  Having this technician available on very short notice, would be a great opportunity for building a strong relationship and trust with their customers.  Exactly the type of relationship Lee Distad recently wrote about.  So, if the integrator can figure out a way to charge a reasonable fee, which provides them the ability to have some flexibility with their staff, this would be a win-win.