Scalable Display Technologies Announces New Software Update — Version 9.0

scalable display technologies software update

Scalable Display Technologies announces a new software update, version 9.0, with new third-party integrations and improved features and functionality. Scalable will showcase version 9.0 at I/ITSEC 2022 in Orlando, Florida, from Nov. 28-Dec. 2, 2022.

Scalable’s 9.0 software update is available with new features for Scalable Desktop, a “simplified blending solution for scaling Windows across many projectors; Scalable Panel Assembly (SPA), a tailor-made display calibration software for CAVEs and faceted displays; and Scalable Display Manager, the flagship product used in simulation and attractions with limitless possibilities for large-format display.” The latest update includes several usability improvements, including a new blending algorithm that optimizes system resolution on complex screens with predetermined frustum. Scalable’s toolset also includes a new LED integration for fixed control points decoupled from the projectors and the cameras, allowing for rapid recalibration regardless of projector drift or replacements.

scalable display technologies new update

Scalable’s version 9.0 boasts new third-party integrations, including Unreal Engine 5.1 compatibility through enhanced MPCDI profiles and direct nDisplay export. Scalable has fully integrated the Westar Warper4k, supporting the latest collimated screen panel, color calibration, brightness matching, and black level uplift. Additionally, 9.0 brings improvements to Scalable’s Software Development Kit (SDK) by adding support for the OpenGL core profile, plus a new Data-Only mode for DirectX12, Vulkan and other specialized graphics languages.

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