Scalable Display Technologies Now Integrates With Realmotion Media Servers

scalable tech realmotion

Scalable Display Technologies announced an integration with Realmotion, a real-time media server and software platform that “empowers ideation through the prototyping, execution and monitoring of next-generation immersive and interactive environments.”

Scalable says its integration with Realmotion is designed to simplify the user experience, improve workflow efficiency and support ongoing maintenance. With this integration, Realmotion users can load their Scalable calibration into Realmotion, eliminating manual calibration and adjustments needed over time. Utilizing computer vision technology, Scalable says it automates the calibration process with cameras, ensuring “precise alignment and uniformity across all projectors.” The company says this integration accelerates the system setup process and automates the ongoing maintenance for even minor shifts in the projectors’ image over time.

scalable realmotion


Scalable says it is known for its software that automatically calibrates display geometry, color and intensity across multiple projectors, resulting in a single digital canvas. Scalable says it has earned a reputation for delivering image quality and consistency across various applications, including simulation, training, architecture and design, broadcast and production, higher education, arts and entertainment.