Scalable Display Technologies Introduces Huddlewall – Aimed at Nureva SPAN

huddlewall-0616Scalable Display Technologies has joined forces with Anoto to build the Huddlewall collaboration system with an integrated Anoto Microdot Pattern, enabling the concurrent use of up to seven pens on a single Huddlewall.

Huddlewall collaboration systems feature an interactive surface powered by Anoto’s digital pen technology to enable a natural pen-on-screen collaboration experience. Windows desktop images can be seamlessly scaled to a 24-foot long interactive surface using multiple laser HD projectors with Scalable’s automatic edge blending software and a camera.

The interactive Huddlewall system comes with Anoto digital pens and a suite of multi-pen collaboration applications from We-Inspire including Pinboard, Sketchboard, and Paper, to encourage group brainstorming and multi-pen whiteboarding.

Huddlewall includes everything you need for a complete presentation and collaboration solution in one package—just add a Windows computer.

Huddlewall is designed for Windows-based applications for teams and groups (there’s where Nureva has them beat, by the way).

  • Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) applications
  • Agile Software Development tools
  • LEAN management tools
  • Training software packages
  • Tools for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) professionals
  • Ideation/brainstorming

Huddle wall is here.