Scalable Display Technologies Announces Scalable Atlas Automatic Projector-Mapping Software

Scalable Display Technologies Atlas Projector Mapping SoftwareScalable Display Technologies announces Scalable Atlas, an automatic camera-based projector mapping software designed to align the images of multiple projects on complex objects or surfaces. Atlas is an evolution of Scalable’s standard software applications intended for domes and curves.

Atlas claims to eliminate manual calibration and creates an automated solution for projection mapping and edge-blending on complex surfaces. Atlas is designed for theme parks, art installations, museums, attractions, customer engagement centers and events staging. With Scalable’s one-touch calibration, the display can be recalibrated to obtain the highest-quality pixel performance.

Additionally, Scalable has developed a unique algorithm that it says can calculate complex blends. This compensates for shadows, occlusions and variable projector angles on objects. The algorithm is also integrated with MPCDI and Scalable’s SDK to create a simplified plug-and-play solution for media servers and playbacks.