Scala Releases New Customer Experience Engine

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scala-enterprise-0513Scala debuted of its latest digital communication software, Scala Enterprise. Earlier this year at DSE, Scala provided early access to select DS dealers, showing off the redesigned interface in addition to many new features and improvements. The feedback led to further refinements and additions including a more user-driven design and improved workflows, under the hood this release includes a dramatic expansion of our existing APIs, HTML5 and Android player support, expanding options for Scala’s current and future customers.

Scala’s signage solution Scala iS will also be offered with Scala Enterprise. Aimed at retailers and quick service restaurants needing optimized digital content at the point of decision, Scala iS uses “big data” and predictive analytics to drive targeted, personalized customer engagement.

Scala Enterprise offers these features, described in the company’s own words:

  • Flexible – Integration with existing systems, capable of supporting a wide range of interactive and dynamic content.
  • Customizable – Never limiting a customer’s creative freedom, adaptable to enable any content dreamed up.
  • Scalable – Run one screen, or tens of thousands all from a central location. A track record of proven results from single display installations to enormous global networks.
  • Stable – Scala systems are rock solid. The digital signage software provider with one of the largest QA staffs in house and a platform that has been constantly refined over 25 years to perform flawlessly.

You can find more information on Scala Enterprise at