Scala Software Powers NPR Installation

Scala_ApexAwards_PublicSpaces_NPR-Headquarters-(3)-web-1014Scala software was integrated into the various digital displays at NPR’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., to help manage, schedule and deliver content to all the various elements of the installation. This installation helped facilitate corporate communication, boost morale and reinforce NPR’s brand image.


Earlier this spring, NPR moved into its new headquarters located in Washington, D.C. Throughout the facility are multiple visual aspects, including a large mosaic video wall, donor recognition screen, several interactive touchscreens, elevator lobby digital signage and a digital tower with ticker displays located outside.

NPR had two primary goals: to portray a strong, visual representation of their radio station programming and to provide a more engaging and informative experience for their employees and visitors. Scala software was deployed by digital signage company Imperatives to manage, schedule and deliver content to all the various elements of the installation provided by Sansi North America and overseen by design consultancy Poulin + Morris.


There were a few concerns while creating such a collaborative experience:

  • Integrating multiple pieces from four separate companies to create an effective solution. For example, ensuring the design templates built within the Scala system meet the design standards of Poulin + Morris.
  • Helping the NPR staff reach self-sufficiency. Imperatives designed and implemented the necessary scripts, templates and schedules at the outset and then trained NPR staff how to use, modify and create their own.
  • Deciding what, when and where content would be most effective.


For the Mosaic Media Wall, Scala software enables a variety of information types such as music, arts and life, and world news to be displayed on partial, single or multiple screens within the wall. During the work day, the Mosaic Media Wall also plays the role of wayfinder, providing directions and a countdown for until the beginning of various events.

Outside the building, the ‘NPR Icon Tower’ — an impressive 55-foot-tall feature — indicates the entrance to the lobby while pulsing LED lighting represents sound waves. On the exterior of the building are ticker screens that continuously display three different RSS news feeds.

Back inside the building, Scala software controls a display placed outside the lobby elevator, which is exclusively used for corporate communications, as well as six touchscreens situated in the lobby promoting visitor interaction and a donor board displaying information recognizing those who have donated to NPR.


Overall, the project was successful in accomplishing its objectives. The numerous installations aided communication to and between employees. NPR now has an engaging experience throughout its headquarters that resonates with visitors and employees alike. A stronger brand image has been established, which leads to strengthened brand loyalty.

This case study is reprinted with permission from the Digital Signage Connection and originally appeared here.