Savant Systems Adds New Smart Energy Resources for Homeowners

savant systems new resources

Savant Systems is introducing new resources focused on educating homeowners on the benefits of smart energy, including two new virtual home tours on the all-new website. Homeowners who visit the site are taken through the options they have to help manage power in their home, including information on alternative energy sources, battery storage solutions, automatic generators, smarter EV charging and flexible load management. These solutions are compared to traditional options, including grid-only dependency and the restrictions inherent with wiring for a critical load panel.

Homeowners can choose to enter two simulated home environments, one focused on whole-home power management and one focused on emergency power management:

  • See how the Savant Power System helps to manage a variety of power resources, including solar, battery and backup generator power. Experience reduced daily dependency on the power grid and seamless power management during an unplanned grid outage.
  • Experience how the Savant Power System manages a grid outage and helps backup power resources by eliminating non-essential loads and tracking power consumption.

Savant’s advanced automated software platform and app-based user experience claims to make it easy to monitor and control every circuit, optimizing efficiency and reducing costs without compromising comfort and convenience. By combining onsite energy generation, integrated battery storage, generator control, flexible load management, and now powerful EV charging, the Savant Power System delivers complete control of energy assets with the security of grid independence.