Savant Partners With Robern for Bathroom Lighting Solution

savant robern

Savant has partnered with Robern, a premier manufacturer of luxury furnishings for bathrooms to pair its circadian lighting with the tunable white LED lighting available in Robern’s cabinetry, vanities and mirrors, making a healthier lifestyle available in more places throughout the home.

Robern has been a resource for designers, architects and consumers seeking modern, highly personalized cabinetry, vanities and mirrors for over 50 years. Select Robern solutions are available with tunable white LED lighting along with the convenience of night lights, mirror defoggers, USB chargers and concealed electrical outlets.

Robern furnishings with tunable white LED lighting integrate with Savant Daylight Mode, the 24-hour circadian cycle that is configurable inside of the Savant Pro App. Daylight Mode allows for time-of-day settings of kelvin temperature as well as lighting intensity shifts that all happen seamlessly throughout the progression of each day. Daylight Mode can be personalized for the individual home, providing homeowners with the ability to adjust their lights dynamically in a way that promotes healthier living throughout the home.

Robern’s tunable white solutions combined with Savant lighting scenes ensure remarkably accurate illumination to accommodate every skin tone.

In the future, Savant will be working to install and showcase the TrueImage lighting control app at key brick-and-mortar retailers for Robern products in the USA, enabling them to properly demonstrate the tunable white lighting concept to consumers. Savant will also support this initiative by teaching select Robern retailers how to sell lighting as part of overall wellness.