Savant Intros New Line of Motorized, Fascia-Free Shades

Savant announced today the introduction of Savant Shades, a line of motorized shades available in blackout, translucent and sheer fabrics. Unlike conventional shading solutions, Savant Shades are a fascia-free design — meaning that window boxes concealing unsightly wires, screws or fasteners are no longer required resulting in the cleanest look possible.

Savant Shades offer features such as a single motor system capable of driving multiple shades and a two-phase installation process that enables integrators to test mount the assemblies before fabric is ordered. Once installed, the shades are intuitively configured using Savant’s Blueprint software, enabling integrators to easily synchronize timing, set stop limits and other parameters. Shades can be easily included in any Savant Scene, configurable by the integrator or the homeowner. Additionally, Savant has designed a modern eCommerce platform called The Savant Shade Designer, which makes it simple for integrators to plan and price each job. An intuitive online store eliminates the unexpected costs that plague other shade solutions and simplifies the ordering of standard and custom fabrics, reducing delivery time to as little as three weeks.

Savant says its control platform will continue to support third-party shading solutions as it does currently.

Savant Shades are available immediately. More information on Savant products is here.