Savant Debuts Actual AI Feature — Not Just Marketing-AI Hype


In a month filled with AI-marketing hype product releases (most of which we decided NOT to post as they were either lies or highly exaggerated implementations of AI), Savant has introduced the Savant Smart Network, a learning wireless network solution leveraging Juniper Mist Wi-Fi technology designed for smart home integrators. Savant says its Smart Network has been engineered to deliver the best long-term wireless experience for homeowners and a more efficient deployment and service model for integrators.

The Savant Smart Network redefines home networking by applying artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud-based analytics to create a learning ecosystem that achieves optimal wireless performance throughout the home. Created in partnership with Juniper Networks, Savant Smart Network uses a combination of Wi-Fi 6 or Wi-Fi 6E access points from Juniper Networks. Paired with a Savant Smart Networking Subscription, each Savant Smart Network utilizes Juniper’s Mist Cloud, artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science techniques to optimize user experiences in real time.

A Savant Smart Network is always working and offers analytics that are “much faster and more precise than human data analysis.” Savant also says that no user data is captured or stored in the cloud. A direct integration with Juniper’s Mist AI allows Savant integrators exceptional visibility into the user experience through customizable Service Level Expectation (SLE) metrics now accessible in Savant Central Management.