Sara Potecha Headlines AVIXA Women’s Council Breakfast

Sara Potecha gives the keynote speech at the InfoComm 2021 AVIXA Women's Council Breakfast.

Sara Potecha gives the keynote speech at the InfoComm 2021 AVIXA Women’s Council Breakfast.

Sara Potecha headlined the annual AVIXA Women’s Council Breakfast at InfoComm 2021.

Potecha, a well-known author and speaker, examined how being “pressed” leads to two different roads, one where we become stressed, repressed, unimpressed and downright depressed — or one where we learn to decompress, reimagine, recover and, in time, become irrepressible.

During the breakfast, Potecha highlighted her PRESS ON method, designed to help women reflect, recover and regain forward momentum by locking arms with other women.

“New issues will always arise so don’t be surprised by them,” Potecha said in her speech. “And when you get used to it [overcoming challenges], you’re more likely to overcome it. You have to lean in and persist.”

In addition to Potecha’s keynote, the breakfast also included networking with powerful women in AV and the men who support the Council and its mission. “The annual AVIXA Women’s Council Breakfast has become a must-attend InfoComm event. We’re exhilarated after hearing from Sara, our keynote speaker, about her PRESS ON methodology and her challenges as one of the first female cadets at West Point” said Brandy Alvarado-Miranda, CEO of BAM! Marketing & PR Agency and chair of the AVIXA Women’s Council. “It’s great to be back in-person and amongst the the amazing women who make our industry a better place.”

The event also included a celebration in honor of Alvarado-Miranda’s work as Council chair. Sarah Joyce, chief global officer of AVIXA, recognized Alvarado-Miranda — whose term as chair is coming to an end — for her “passion, dedication and commitment” to uplifting women in the AV industry.

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