Sanyo’s New XW300 3K Lumen XGA Projector

sanyo 0110

Sanyo’s latest portable, the XW300, is actually a 5-pousanyo-0110nd, 3000 ANSI lumen, XGA (1024×760) resolution 3LCD projector that replaces the XW250.  Specified at a 500:1 contrast ratio, the 29dB projector includes network connectivity, RS232 control and compatibility for all analog signals (it does not have DVI or HDMI inputs). Sanyo says the 220-watt lamp lasts 4000 hours.

To read all the specs, go here:

Obviously, we’ve seen a lot of refinement in recent years in this class of small projectors – both in increased capability and reduced operating cost. But the handwriting is on the wall for such projectors being based on lamps, when the next generation will obviously use alternative light technologies such as LEDs. While the rental industry uses a lot of projectors in this category, most of the people I talk to in rentals are holding off buying sub-10-pound projectors in order to get the reduced operating costs that will come with future models based on new light technologies.