SANYO Shows Totally New HD Projector

The new PDG-DHT100L is SANYO’s high-end DLP-based bright HD projector.  At 6500 specified ANSI lumens and a 1920×1080 native resolution, this projector is aimed at the large meeting room market (i.e., auditoriums or even churches) and is spec’d at 7500:1 contrast ratio.  As this projector is likely to be mounted, one nice feature — that all high-end projector manufacturers are moving towards — is the addition of an active maintenance filter that cleans itself.  It’s Ethernet-ready, is available with interchangeable lenses and ships immediately.

The PDG-DHT100L has a twin color wheel system that offers increased color reproduction and light output efficiency, and comes with two different user-changeable color wheels that are optimized for either high brightness or rich color reproduction. The projector ships with the color wheel that is optimized for higher brightness. A second color wheel that is optimized for rich color reproduction is included in the package. Either of these color wheels can be easily changed for intended applications by users. Also, a built-in Color Matching function corrects variations in color reproduction when using more than one projector for edge blending applications.

Finally, the most unique feature for this $22,000 projector is the picture-by-picture capabilities — in addition to picture-in-a-picture.  This allows for two sources (for example, a 720p HD source and a PC) to be connected and viewed simultaneously on the same projected image — a feature that’s historically only been available in the $40-50K range.

See the entire product details here.