SANYO Makes Projector Designed to Run 24/7/365

SANYO’s new PLC-XTC50L features the industry’s first “Lamp Selection System,” which automatically selects one of two lamps to project from, and switches lamps based on user preference or preprogrammed settings. Management of the projection time for each lamp is dependent on the mode selected. The “Alternating Mode” allows a rotating pattern that alternates the two lamps’ use time, while the “Relay Mode” uses one lamp continuously then switches lamps when the first one is no longer usable.

The XGA (1024 x 768) resolution, 3LCD-based, 5000-ANSI lumens PLC-XTC50L also utilizes an advanced optical engine technology, capable of realizing a high quality of light stability. Additionally, the use of a high-precision optical axis adjustment technology that was developed for this 2-lamp system enables the mirror to automatically select the lamp using a control motor.  The system is specified to deliver a contrast ration of 1100:1

Regardless of mode, SANYO says the PLC-XTC50’s lamp selection system makes approximately 6,000 hours of projection possible without lamp replacement, which is about twice as long as conventional single-lamp models.

And, in a unique maintenance addition, the PLC-XTC50L is equipped with SANYO’s new Active Maintenance Filter (AMF) system, which detects air blocks or clogs, then scrolls a filter cartridge to the next clean filter – there are ten filters included in every cartridge.

It lists for about $8000 and you can see all the detailed specs here.