Sanyo Launches Two New Short-Throw Lens Mounts with Built-in Speakers

Targeted to the educational market, the MT-EDU 101 andMT-EDU102-0210 MT-EDU 102 eliminate the need to use the projector’s internal speakers  (does anyone actually build systems to use the internal speakers?) or a separate audio system by incorporating a 50-watt two-channel amplifier and two powerful 25-watt rated two-way speakers into the chassis of the wall mount. MSRP is $949 for the MT-EDU101 and MSRP is $999 for the extended-length MT-EDU102. Both models will become available in April 2010.

For short throws, the MT-EDU101 extends 7 to 27 inches from the wall, and for longer throw distances, the otherwise identical MT-EDU102 adds an extension pole to place the projector 37 to 67 inches from the wall. These can be mounted either to single or dual studs on 16”, 18”, or 24” spacing, and can also be mounted to concrete.

The projectors don’t appear to be on their website yet, but when they are, they will be here: