SANYO Debuts Quartet of Wired and Wireless Projectors for the Classroom

sanyo_wireless_0409SANYO announced today the introduction of four new ultraportable LCD projectors, designed for education and business presentation: the PLC-XU355, PLC-XU350, PLC-XU305, and the PLC-XU300.

The PLC-XU355 and PLC-XU305 feature what SANYO says is the industry’s first “simple wireless setting,” which means you can insert the supplied USB memory stick into any PC or MAC and be one click away from wirelessly connecting to the projector. Both projectors can be connected wirelessly to multiple computers, or up to give projectors can be connected to a single computer, which is pretty cool for presenters.

The PLC-XU355 and PLC-XU305 also have a wide 1.6x optical zoom lens for flexible placement, allowing the projection of a 100” image from as little as 94 inches away, and contain a built-in 7 Watt mono speaker.

All four projectors are 1024×768 with brightness varying from 3000 to 3500 Lumens. They will be shipping in mid-May 2009 and have the following retail prices:

PLC-XU355: $2595
PLC-XU305: $2395
PLC-XU350: $1495
PLC-XU300: $1295

For more information, go to SANYO’s website here.