SANUS’ Swivel TV Stand Features Adjustable Height, Viewing Angle and Cable Management


SANUS released the new Swivel TV Stand for TVs 40 inches to 86 inches. The SANUS Swivel TV Stand is a table-top stand and acts as a replacement for TV feet. By providing up to 70 degrees of swivel from left to right, the Swivel TV Stand improves the viewing range by allowing users to point their TV to where they are seated.

The SANUS Swivel TV Stand ensures a great viewing angle along with safe, easy TV installations. For greater stability and to prevent tip-overs, the stand includes a solid metal base. Its integrated cable management easily conceals and routes cables for a clutter-free look without purchasing additional accessories. Featuring 8 inches of height, it can also be adjusted to fit soundbars and other devices beneath the TV.

The new SANUS Swivel TV Stand is here: