SANUS Expands Wireless Speaker Stand Series to Accommodate Sonos® PLAY:5 Speaker

SANUS is launching a new member of its Wireless Speaker Stand Series designed for the Sonos PLAY:5 speaker, the largest of the home sound system’s family of wireless speaker products.

The new, wireless speaker stand, the SANUS WSS51, holds the Sonos PLAY:5 at the manufacturer’s recommended angle for ideal audio dispersion at the optimal listening height. At 31.5″ tall, it fully supports the speaker for optimum bass response – facilitating high-quality sound from anywhere in the room, whether listeners are sitting or standing.

The WSS51 offers the following:

  • Quick assembly requiring only a screwdriver
  • Cable-hiding, integrated wire channels
  • Includes carpet spikes and rubber feet to provide stability on any surface
  • Holds the speaker in either vertical or horizontal orientation

The WSS51 is available now and sold as a single stand at $119.99. Color options include black and white.

Here are the details.