Samsung’s VXT Platform Makes Creating and Managing Engaging Digital Signage Content a Piece of Cake


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Alex Lee, Executive Vice President of Visual Display (VD) Business at Samsung Electronics showcased the new all-in-one VXT platform

Digital Signage is one of the most important markets within AV technology. No one disputes that. You see everything from the signs outside your favorite drive-thru and your child’s classroom to the highest-security control rooms — all transforming to LEDs. That’s a lot of content.

Making this content look good while trying to manage multiple displays when you’re just one business? A nightmare. The best content on a digital signal network is usually not designed by someone who works in AV. And if someone does manage to create a successful design, it barely scratches the surface of all the other types of display content they also have to create and manage.

That’s why last month, Samsung Electronics announced the launch of its Visual eXperience Transformation (VXT) platform, a cloud-native Content Management Solution (CMS) combining content and remote signage management on one secure platform. It not only amps up the quality of the content on B2B displays, but it can also be used as a turnkey content management solution and drive it to the players. It’s a three-part offering:

  • VXT CMS: A content management platform that simultaneously handles content, playlists and schedules.
  • VXT Canvas: What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG)-based creative tools in which users can create original content with custom and company fonts, as well as templates and images pre-loaded on the system.
  • VXT Players: VXT supports Tizen and Android-based players, while also managing multiple web elements simultaneously on one screen.

This means that a Samsung VXT user can design better signage content and can use the platform as a complete CMS to schedule, deploy and manage that content — no matter the network size, as it’s all done over the cloud. In fact, Samsung has even shown proof of concept through a 10,000-screen deployment at Hy-Vee stores, thanks to a partnership with RedMedia. And, any VXT Platform user has access to the same creative content production system that Hy-Vee has — even if you’re deploying to only one screen!

Finally, Samsung has integrated VXT with some of the coolest creative assets via something it has dubbed Pre-Integrated Repeatable Solutions (PIRS). This includes giving VXT users access to:

  • VXT Art: Users can access a library of artwork and photos, including content from various art museums and galleries, to be used across businesses.
  • Link My POS: A solution by Wisar Digital allows VXT Canvas to pull product data from Point Of Sale (POS) systems, automating content via inventory changes.
  • Ngine Real Estate: Developed with Ngine Networks, businesses can seamlessly display properties that are for sale or rent based on location.

PIRS or Pre-Integrated Repeatable Solutions offers content, solutions and expertise of third-party system integrators, software developers and content partners

And, Samsung even added energy management into the VXT platform — so now organizations can check on the energy consumption levels of displays and tailor usages accordingly.

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The company officially introduced the VXT solution at its Global Launch Event during ISE 2024. There wasn’t an empty seat in the house as Alex Lee, Executive Vice President of Visual Display (VD) Business at Samsung Electronics shared the company’s vision for the new platform – marking what Samsung describes as a solution that is “revolutionizing the user experience” for businesses of all sizes and across industries.

PIRS Partners such as Wisar Digital gave testimonials to VXT’s features and capabilities.

Following the keynote speech, which included testimonials from Wisar Digital and KniTec, there was a hands-on demonstration of the platform’s features and capabilities.

“VXT represents the next era of cloud-native content management for digital signage, and I’m motivated by the idea that we’re not only solving some of the toughest problems for clients and customers but delivering a solution that can help businesses unlock their potential,” said Alex. “By democratizing the digital signage landscape with VXT, we’re emphasizing our unwavering commitment to our customers everywhere.”

Samsung has been in the digital signage market since its inception. If you just look around, you’ll see its displays all over the place — in retail, in schools and across the corporate campus. Samsung powers so much of the market, from hardware to software — all-in-one solutions are the company’s specialty. It only makes sense that it would want to step up the content quality and make the design and management process simple and easy to use for those who aren’t natural creatives.

Sure, there have been other attempts at improving the creative process and development generation of signage systems in the past. But, none of them have been driven by the display manufacturers themselves. And, this shows a next-level commitment by Samsung to amp up the quality of signage for everyone in every deployment. Kudos to Samsung!