Samsung’s Retails Stores Will Weed Out Crappy HomeAV Integrators

samsung smarttv 0612

samsung-smarttv-0612Samsung has made it official. Following in the footsteps of the successful Apple stores which debuted in 2001, Samsung plans to open stores all over North America.

So, what’s this mean for HomeAV?

Simply put — not good!

We can all live in denial and think that this won’t affect us, but that’s a lie. This is a BIG, BIG deal. So, 2013 will not only see the debut of Samsung (the second most popular brand in the world right now) selling direct, but it will also see a new line of Apple-branded TVs — anyone think they won’t quickly move up the popularity charts?

And, to make matters worse, Best Buy is not only planning more boutique stores in the U.S. in 2013, but they’re also becoming more aggressive in their pricing – offering matching prices to Internet stores like Amazon and eBay.

Still in denial? Still think this isn’t a nail in the coffin? Well, then you’re not thinking logically.

Here’s the scenario: Samsung and Apple (and now Microsoft with its Smart Glass system) will all be vying for a part of not only the living room, but also the entire home. They don’t just want your TV business; they want your entertainment business. And, to them, that includes sending content like TV shows, movies, music and photos anywhere in your house as well as something new that will debut soon — artwork. Yes, rAVe has learned of a project that will debut in 2013 where consumers will be able to send high-end classic, modern and even custom artwork all over the place — thus making the interest and need for multiple displays even at a higher demand.

So, as demand increases, production does — and prices fall again. More product, more access (more stores) and more interest will drive LCD prices to half where they are today within 16 months. Remember I said that.

And, guess what? Samsung will debut a whole home audio system in 2013 too. Aiming at Apple, but adopting a system similar to what Niles is doing, it will unintentionally grab a big portion of the custom home market with a system aimed at consumers.

STILL not worried?

Good. That means you are a true, custom HomeAV integration firm.