Samsung Electronics America Announces RedMedia as One of First Businesses to Deploy VXT CMS for Digital Signage

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Samsung Electronics America announced that Hy-Vee’s retail media network RedMedia is one of the first businesses to deploy the new Samsung VXT Content Management System (CMS) for digital signage. The cloud-native solution integrates content management and remote device management capabilities with intuitive features to enable users to control and secure their Samsung display network in real-time. Leveraging the VXT CMS, RedMedia will pursue an in-store digital strategy with dynamic displays that engage shoppers in Hy-Vee retail locations while driving new revenue streams through digital display solutions.

Hy-Vee retail locations will use the VXT CMS to manage a network of over 10,000 Samsung QBR-Series commercial displays installed in aisles, deli, meat and seafood counters, wine and spirits departments, and food courts in all its grocery store locations as well as Hy-Vee Fast & Fresh locations.

unnamed (9)These displays deliver a dynamic mix of in-house content, including live cooking demos, promotions, recipes, product pairings, company announcements and menu boards, to engage shoppers. In an initiative to transform its stores into retail media spaces, Hy-Vee’s RedMedia is integrating its digital signage network and the VXT CMS in partnership with Samsung Ads, the advanced advertising division of Samsung Electronics, as one customized program enabling marketers to take advantage of buying in-store digital inventory in combination with Connected TV (CTV). This will provide advertisers with new and innovative ways to reach shoppers to generate additional sales for those who advertise on the platform.

Announced earlier this year, Samsung Ads has been building a bespoke marketplace combining in-home CTV with Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising, allowing marketers to reach their audiences as they move throughout the day, with advanced measurement, targeting and programmatic transactional technology.

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unnamed (8)Integrating Samsung Ads with the VXT CMS will allow Hy-Vee’s RedMedia to employ a cohesive content management strategy with data to determine the optimal mix of original content and advertising for engaging shoppers. Cloud-based device management will maximize content consistency and uptime while reducing the requirement for hands-on hardware engagement, improving operational efficiency. The VXT CMS’ scalability will prove essential as Hy-Vee’s RedMedia plans to expand its digital signage network to over 10,000 in-store displays in the upcoming months.

The cloud-native structure of the Samsung VXT CMS empowers businesses to easily deploy and update the software directly from a cloud portal provided by Samsung. Initial setup time is faster without physical servers, which also provides scalability as businesses expand their display network or grow to more locations. With the VXT CMS, cloud service providers are also responsible for server management and maintenance, saving companies physical space, time and money.

For content creation, the VXT CMS introduced the VXT Canvas tool with pre-loaded and drag-and-drop templates and images that users can tailor to their company’s brand colors and font to create professional-quality content.

Distributing content to digital signage is now as simple as clicking a button. Users can also create content schedules and playlists and manage if the same or different content is displayed across a diverse digital signage network worldwide. In addition to an intuitive desktop interface, the Samsung VXT CMS offers advanced mobile compatibility, allowing users to make instant real-time content updates locally and globally.