Samsung Partners with GRUBBRR To Release All-In-One Kiosk, Expands Product Availability

samsungkiosk2Samsung has partnered with GRUBBRR to expand the release of the All-In-One Kiosk. The 24-inch interactive ordering display is deployable in multiple environments but is designed specifically for the “new” restaurant experience. Users will be able to personally order food items at the Kiosk, eliminating the need for cashier services and limiting person-to-person touchpoints.

Samsung is disrupting the kiosk market with its innovative and secure self-service capabilities that are ready to use out-of-the-box and within reach for any business,” said Mark Quiroz, vice president, Display Division, Samsung Electronics America. “The touch display with a speaker, printer, scanner, payment solution was designed with the customer in mind.”

The Self-Service Kiosk is designed to be implemented in various applications and can be wall, table, stand or desk mounted. The touchscreen is fitted with antimicrobial and shatter-resistant technology to prolong usage and enhance customer safety. The Kiosk is installed with three-layer Samsung Knox Security, designed to protect its hardware, payment platform and application, customer information and external threats such as hacking.

In answering the immense demand for an All-In-One Smart Kiosk, GRUBBRR recognizes the value of partnering with the most trusted electronics manufacturer, Samsung,” said Sam Zietz, CEO of GRUBBRR. “Samsung doesn’t dabble in a space, they come in fully committed and create massive disruption with premium products at a reasonable price point. Samsung coming into this space is going to democratize access to kiosks and enable merchants to do things they never thought were possible.”

The enterprise-grade kiosk is designed for small to large organizations such as restaurants, theaters, sports venues, arenas, stadiums and more. With the MagicINFO Remote Management feature, store management can improve efficiency by identifying any issues in real-time and taking necessary measures when a problem occurs. Remote control capabilities enable the diagnosis of issues and remote control of essential functions such as switching the screen on and off.

The combined GRUBBRR software and Samsung hardware responds to market landscape changes brought about by the pandemic. Users desire a fast and touchless ordering system in restaurant markets. The All-In-One Kiosk has three value propositions for restaurant and ordering usage: 

  • Increases revenue (increase in acreage ticket) 
    • High-resolution pictures 
    • Customized upsells throughout ordering process
  • Solves labor issues and reduces operational expenses
    • Eliminates expense of cashiers 
  • Improved customer experience 
    • Orders are right every time as customers self-order what they want
    • Eliminates need to remake orders when employees incorrectly match orders

The GRUBBRR software allows for the expansion of the ordering system, such as orders being placed at a specific seat number in a stadium. Other uses include the implementation of multiple restaurant menus at one Kiosk, allowing for a wider selection and variety of products. The Kiosks have already been released in South Korea and are available now.

For more information, the Remote Management System can be viewed here. The Samsung Kiosk Software information is available here.