Samsung Launches Vertical (and Horizontal) TVs in New The Sero

The Sero (yes, there is a “The” in front of it) is a TV aimed at Generation Z (and the Millennials) — so says Samsung, which announced it this week. The Sero is the first consumer TV that can be used in both horizontal and vertical (portrait and landscape) orientations — it’s 43” diagonal. Aiming to take advantage of the vertical-viewing craze set ablaze by teens a few years ago, thanks to their use of SnapChat (and now Instagram Stories), Samsung mounted The Sero to an easel-like stand that allows the TV to easily be flipped in either orientation with one hand.

Integrated with 4.1 sound, 60-watt speakers and Wi-Fi, The Sero is designed to mostly be a visual streaming music hub and an artwork display — but it can also serve as a 43” TV, too. In fact, it’s integrated with Apple’s AirPlay, Miracast and Chromecast so you can wirelessly stream content to it. Also, it can natively show Snap and Instagram Stories full-screen in portrait mode — wirelessly streamed from an Android phone or iPhone.

Here are more details (in Korean).