Samsung Just Blew Everyone’s Mind with Its MicroLED Displays

Remember when Samsung launched The Wall (a giant display made-up of MicroLEDs) a couple of years ago to all that fanfare? But then Sony blew them away with their version — called Crystal LED?

Well, Samsung just took all the thunder back with what they showed at CES using MicroLEDs. You see, MicroLED walls — whether or not they are giants room-sized, theater-screen sized or stadium scoreboard-sized displays are all made up of small (about 1’x1’) panels filled with MicroLEDs. At shows where they have been shown, Samsung has assembled them in giant configurations. In fact, they showed a 219″ (about 18 feet) display at CES yesterday. But, that giant screen is actually made up of about 180 of those smaller panels.

That doesn’t seem like that big of a deal — but at CES, Samsung showed how you can take these small tiles and custom-build a TV (display) to nearly any size you want. In fact, they showed a 75” version being assembled and disassembled one panel at a time, live. In a matter of seconds. So, with MicroLEDs, you’ll get customized, modular, configurable direct-view monitors that are very, very, very bright and with a resolution that no standard LEDs ever been able to come close to.

Of course, it will be expensive at first. But, how long until it isn’t? I remember the 55″ 4K QLEDs or even OLEDs were $20,000 just three years ago — and now they range from $650 to $2,000. By the end of the year, they could be under $1,000 and down to as low as $400.

Alongside Samsung’s aforementioned pre-packaged 75-inch MicroLED display, a launch event yesterday at CES also showcased the 219-inch version of the MicroLED they are calling “The Wall” again — and this time it has wow-factor for sure.

Take a look at video and photos below to understand the true impact of all of this.