Samsung’s New LEDs Are HDR

If Samsung’s vision for LED Signage comes to fruition, we’ll see a lot more displays in creative places in the near-future. And, their new IF Series is the industry’s first with HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology thus, it boasts a 1600 nit break brightness spec. As you’ve no doubt seen, most LED displays struggle to present red, green and blue color hues accurately and without distortion in low grayscale settings. Samsung says the IF Series displays have a unique grayscale management algorithm that maintains consistent R/G/B gradation for improved color accuracy. As a result, low-brightness indoor environments, such as galleries, museums and shops, can display content at optimal quality with uniform and precise color expression.

Made for indoor applications, it has a 2.5mm pixel pitch, is spec’s at over 100K hours, is front-serviceable and each 192 x 216 pixel module is only 480x540x65 mm in size and weighs less than 14-pounds.

The HDR-equipped IF Series joins the IL and IS Series of indoor LEDs and the XPS100 for outdoor applications and now Samsung is competitive to any manufacturer out there.

Check out all the specs and their full line-up here.