Samsung Details New SmartThings for Business for the ProAV Market

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Samsung is bringing SmartThings to its B2B displays with “SmartThings for Business” that enables business owners to leverage their digital signage to connect and gain more control of their smart devices across various landscapes. SmartThings connectivity feature to commercial display products such as Smart Signage and Hotel TVs, users can experience the convenience of hyper-connectivity in their business environments. These changes will include Samsung smart devices, as well as other devices that support the industry’s latest IoT specifications, Matter and the Home Connectivity Alliance (HCA).

Through the application of SmartThings to various business environments, Samsung says it contributes to the more efficient management of space and energy by transforming places of business into interconnected smart spaces. These connectivity improvements have been designed to benefit all types of business customers, from small and mid-sized business owners to enterprises. Examples of the smart spaces — including a smart store, smart office and smart hotel.

With the Routines feature, Samsung says users can create desired environments by setting the optimal lighting, temperature, humidity and air quality in advance, and easily maintain them over time with automated space management. For instance, a smart store can automatically turn the power supply on and off to align menu boards and lighting with operating hours.

Plus, SmartThings AI Energy Mode helps business owners stay eco-conscious by reducing energy usage through efficient asset management and advanced monitoring, such as turning off connected devices or dimming the lights during the day depending on power usage, occupancy and time.

Samsung says it also expanded the SmartThings Enterprise API for business owners. By leveraging the API, customers can connect SmartThings to their own management system and create a customized solution optimized for different scenarios or dashboards with the information they want.

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In the case of a hotel or a conference room, where the device owner and the user may be different, the device owner can generate a web URL to share SmartThings features with the end users. This way, hotel guests and conference room users can easily enjoy the SmartThings experience without having to install an extra app. The device owner can also specify the use of authorization and duration of the connected device when generating a web URL.