Salem Health Hospitals & Clinics Praises Videotel Digital for Their Superior HD2600 XD DVD Player

SAN DIEGO FEBRUARY 13, 2018 — Videotel Digital receives a pronounced review from Salem Health Hospitals and Clinics for their HD2600 XD Industrial Looping DVD Player that leads to a new partnership as well.

On point for any medical facility to make spending time in a ward or waiting room easier, a Videotel Digital product gets an endorsement. Now recommended by Salem Health Hospitals and Clinics. Salem Health facilities include Salem Hospital, West Valley Hospital in Dallas and Salem Health clinics spread throughout the mid-Willamette Valley. Salem Health serves patients across Marion, Polk, Benton, Lincoln and Yamhill counties. Salem’s mission is to improve the health and well-being of the people and communities they serve.

Videotel Company’s HD2600 XD DVD player has created a new benchmark in an industry tasked with keeping people at ease. Known for its ability to seamlessly auto-loop content without the need for manual interaction, the industrial grade DVD player is well-suited for the job. UL approved for use in hospitals and healthcare facilities such as pediatric wards, cancer treatment centers, and the like; it’s constructed to keep going for 24/7 use of continuous playback. That means pure information or entertainment even in the event of a power loss. Moreover, it will automatically bypass menus and previews and play DVD movies for the quickest and most enjoyable experience possible. Well done, Videotel Digital.

“In 2009 Salem Hospital began installing hospital grade DVD players in our common areas and patient rooms to help the people we serve and their families find as much comfort as we could provide during difficult times. I was asked to source these players and unfortunately we struggled with high failure rates and poor customer service from previous manufactures,” said Jim S., Facilities Administration for Salem Health, of the HD2600 XD Industrial Looping DVD Players.

He adds, “While searching on the internet for a solution to an untenable problem we discovered Videotel. I asked for a rep to contact me and Lisa Schneider from Videotel reached out to us shortly afterwards. We worked out an arrangement to bring an HD2600 XD on campus for us to test. Our findings were that the unit was considerably higher-quality than we had trialed in the past. We ordered a test run for a full floor remodel. We closely watched for failure rates, and were very pleased to find that the Videotel units had a zero failure rate during the trial period and beyond. We are now in the process of transitioning all of our existing DVD players on our campus to Videotel, and we are also putting them in all new construction projects moving forward. Thank you, Lisa and the whole Videotel team for providing a high-quality product and a competitive price.”

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