Salamander Designs Announces Unifi Conference Tables

salamander designs unifi conference table

Salamander Designs announced the Unifi Conference Tables Monday. The tables fit into a new series of 6 to 16-foot tables built on an aluminum C-frame design and equipped with a pedestal that allows virtually all wiring, power supplies, AV components and cables to be hidden in lift-off panels for servicing.

The new Unifi Conference Tables come in small, medium and large sizes and feature the ability for customers to design and meet their individual needs quickly. Multiple options are available for ports, connectors, chargers and cable cubbies. Equipment and cabling are concealed within the pedestals, and all are serviceable through lift-off panels, making the installer’s job faster and easier. With the “new normal” workplace safety concerns, Salamander has added antimicrobial surfaces and paint, certified through Biosan Laboratories Inc. Products can be customized for each client, including the ability to match other furniture.