Salamander Designs Announces New Compatibility and Mobility with Cisco Webex Board 85

9bae7c9aa450689649920dd540b986e9a8376242e5cbf41a9efc56a3b65aff1aBloomfield, CT – February 10th, 2020 – Salamander Designs, a leader in premium AV furniture that’s engineered to make all of today’s technology and people collaborate better, today announced that the Salamander range of Mobile Display Stands are fully compatible with all three sizes of Cisco Webex® Boards. The new offering provides mobility to the largest Cisco Webex Board, the 85-inch, which is designed for big spaces in enterprise environments. Salamander Designs now offers FPS-series display stands to support all three sizes of Cisco Webex products including the latest one plus the Cisco 55- and 70-inch boards.

Salamander Designs has been on the forefront of Cisco compatibility over the past year and with the new stand, now offers mobile solutions for all available sizes. This heavy-duty, designer-grade mobile stand integrates seamlessly with the Webex Boards and includes fully adjustable motor control. Best of all, the new solutions offer the ability for integrators, designers and companies to save time and money with furniture selection, rapid deployment and installation to meet today’s business needs. Additionally, all Salamander stands may be custom branded to accommodate any business logo and aesthetic in literally days.

“Today’s office meeting and collaboration spaces are all about agility and mobility. Our category-leading FPS series just got even better with the addition of the new XL Mobile Display Stand,” said Scott Srolis, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Salamander Designs. “We respond quickly to what the market demands to be the bridge between popular technology and furniture. We now offer full compatibility and the ultimate in mobility with all Cisco Webex Boards – and have them covered literally across the board.”

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