Russound Enters Commercial AV Market with New Amp

RussoundRussound announced the MIXAMP-60, an all-in-one mixer amplifier designed for light commercial and “resimercial” applications. Designed for multiroom audio in restaurants, retail stores, medical offices and schools, the MIXAMP-60 features a range of distribution inputs, built-in Bluetooth connectivity, an FM tuner, a USB/SD MP3 player and the ability to connect up to four external sources.
Many commercial businesses require a comprehensive multiroom audio solution that offers a way to broadcast ambient background music (BGM), address the public and page staff. The MIXAMP-60 Russound offers an all-in-one solution that can accommodate changing audio input requirements.
The MIXAMP-60 is housed in a 2U rack-mountable form factor with front-facing controls including individual and master volume to make installation and use as simple as possible. The front-panel screen streamlines audio switching. The MIXAMP-60 is available now for $299.