New Russound Certified Installer Program Solves Unauthorized Sales Through “Lock” On New Models

russound-certified-installerRussound has announced a new product feature designed to reduce unauthorized online sales of Russound products while ensuring that consumers receive the benefits of working with certified installation professionals.

The Russound Certification Installer (RCI) program goes into effect with the launch of the  company’s new line of multi-zone controllers (MCA-66, MCA-88 and MCA-88x), with additional products added as they come to market.  In all cases, the products will ship “locked,” requiring a certified Russound installation professional to unlock them via the Internet in order to be unlocked. Products are tracked through unique ID numbers that will be paired with the installers who performed the installations. No customer information is entered or shared as part of the process.

The program is open to Russound installers buy the company’s products through all authorized sales channels, whether it is through a distribution partner or direct dealer.

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