Runco Ships Super High-End 3D Projection System

runco-D-73-primary-0112Priced at $200,000 and now shipping, Runco’s new 3Dimension D-113d projection system pairs Runco’s Constant Stereoscopic Video (CSV) approach with the optical filters and glasses of the Panavision 3D System. The result is what Runco is claiming is the brightest CSV projection in the world designed for private theaters.

Because the Runco 3Diminesion D-113d doesn’t require polarization, images can be shown on a white screen, providing even more flexibility, illumination and superior color image quality. The same white screen can be used for both 2D and 3D.

Runco offers a broad range of lens options for optimization with different throws and screen sizes in any theater. The Runco 3Dimension Series is wrapped in an industrial design called Copenhagen, which is inspired by both classic and modern Danish architecture and design, including the influential works of Arne Jacobsen, designer of the famous Swan Chair, and the playful shapes of trend-setting furniture designer Verner Panton.

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