RUNCO Offers Custom Color Matching of Display Enclosures

Runco 150

Interior Designers will love this:  Runco recently launched Runco-150what they are calling ColourPalette – a custom color option on its full product line of home theater projectors, LCD flat panel displays and its plasma displays.

Runco is offering a palette of 13 distinctive colors as well as a customization program that allows homeowners or designers to custom match virtually any color sample, including fabric, wallpaper, paint and upholstery. To correspond with the launch, Runco now offers a new visualization tool on where you can customize and preview a panel or projector in any of Runco’s custom ColourPalette colors. The Runco ColourPalette comes in a high-quality satin finish, with a hand-finished gloss option on some models.
This is a very creative way for Runco to do something different and standout in a market full of “me-toos.”  Although this may not seem like much, Runco is doing EXACTLY what we, at rAVe, have been saying manufacturers and integrators need to do – differentiating themselves through unique services.  Congrats to Runco for the great idea!

Want to see the colors?  Go to: