Runco Launches Digital Cinema Quality Service – For the Home

digital cinema concierge 610

digital-cinema-concierge--610Although Runco isn’t certified to provide Digital Cinema solutions for the movie theaters themselves, there’s no reason they can’t offer it for the high-end homeowner – and that’s basically what this is.  Dubbed Runco’s Digital Cinema Concierge, it’s what Runco is calling “a complete solution providing Runco dealers with everything they need to service their most influential clients.”

According to Runco, their sales engineers will personally review plans for every new installation and develop a complete solution tailor made for each project, complete with a DCI-compatible projector ideally suited for the job, lens options, and a proprietary Runco Digital Cinema Media Server (DCMS). The Runco DCMS is compliant with Digital Cinema Initiative specifications enabling the playback of locked content, including Texas Instruments (TI) CineLink 2 encryption, MXF and JPEG2000 Interop specifications. In compliance with student standards, it offers 2048-bit RSA encryptions and forensic watermarking support with Civolution NexGuard. The Runco DCMS will support both DCinema and ECinema content formats in 2k and 1080p resolutions. Its web-based user interface shows status and can allow for transport control, scheduling, content ingest, key management, media management, as well as setup and maintenance.

Want 3D? The Runco DCMS also enables a variety of 3D playback, including optional Dolby 3D upgrade.

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