Rumors of the Demise of the Projector Has Been Greatly Exaggerated: The Future of Projection

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For almost a decade, industry pundits have been predicting the death of the projector – yet, sales keep growing. And, in the biggest irony of all, the projector has invaded the the one-and-only market deemed as a display-only segment: digital signage. That’s right, projectors are now being used to make giant signs, too – at a fraction of the cost of LED walls and at sizes only LCD panels dream of.

The future of projection is bright – literally! Not only have new lighting technologies, like laser, repositioned the projector as the ultimate display technology but we now are approaching perfect colorimetry. And this matters.

The projector, once relegated to only being hung from the ceiling in the middle of a room, can now be placed anywhere – at any angle – in any room and used for any application. And, per inch, projection is, literally, 1/4th the cost of nearly every other display technology.

AV Futurist and Technologist, Gary Kayye, will explain exactly how, why and where, projection will continue to dominate future display applications.

Watch below as Gary delivers this keynote at the Epson EIC event in Seattle, Washington.