RTW Debuts SurroundControl Series Upgrade

RTW_31900_30050_30010_Screen-0913RTW’s firmware update for its flagship SurroundControl 31900 and 31960 series adds support for current EBU/ITU loudness regulations, including ITU 1770-3. The company says the new firmware simplifies the control of the studio monitoring environment when switching over between various audio formats like stereo, 3.1, 5.1 or 7.1.

By enabling the user to select independent trim and delay values for both analog and digital monitoring outputs, this information can then be stored in up to five level/delay trim sets in the audio system menu. When defining the individual input routing for the sub presets, these new level/delay trim sets can be allocated and tapped into as needed.

RTW’s SurroundControl 31900 and 31960 series combines control, analysis and monitoring of eight-channel 5.1 to 7.1 surround sound into one single system. The proprietary Surround Sound Analyzer (House display) is a powerful tool for visualizing the interaction of all important parameters of surround signals.The dynamic behavior of all display elements corresponds to the subjective listening impression, enabling you to see the balance of a surround program intuitively and at a glance. RTW’s unparalleled Surround Sound Analyzer is capable of displaying any surround program up to 7.1 DD+ and Cinema for fast, in-depth evaluation.

Here are all the features.