RTS Unveils DSPK-4 Digital Speaker Station


RTS just announced the DSPK-4 Digital Speaker Station, an IP-based wired speaker station including four channels of talk/listen via microphone and speaker or headset — all with high-quality digital audio and the use of standard Ethernet for easy integration into existing IT infrastructure. It adapts the unique hybrid IP/digital/analog functionality, ergonomic design and intuitive UX of the best-selling DBP into a new form factor that is available in compact desktop, flush-mount and wall-mount versions.

As with the DBP, the DSPK-4’s IP technology allows for hybrid use, supporting both digital partyline and matrix keypanel modes. For use as a digital partyline device, the DSPK-4 connects to an OMS; this also allows the integration of analog/two-wire devices within the digital/IP system, helping to extend ROI on existing analog equipment. For use as a matrix keypanel, including functionality like point-to-point communication, the DSPK-4 can be connected to any RTS digital/IP matrix product using OMNEO IP technology – including OMI cards in ADAM/ADAM-M frames or OMNEO ports on ODIN frames. The DSPK-4 automatically selects the correct mode of operation (digital partyline/OMS or keypanel/matrix) when connected and switched on.

RTS says this makes the DSPK-4 ideal for new users or current partyline users looking to grow from analog systems into the superior sound quality and flexible connectivity of digital/IP communications, in verticals such as broadcasting, theaters/live entertainment, houses of worship, educational facilities, industrial facilities, event production and AV rental. Because it offers both digital partyline and matrix keypanel modes, DSPK-4 also offers “excellent ROI for customers with existing RTS matrix intercom equipment.” For example, an industrial facility can expand its comms inventory cost-effectively with RTS Digital Partyline — all while continuing to leverage the scalability of its existing matrix equipment. And, in addition to increased fidelity and a lower noise floor in comparison to analog, the DSPK-4’s Dante digital audio quality permits natural conversation levels and dynamics, free from feedback and latency – all of which can also add value by ensuring communications run smoothly during day-to-day operations.

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RTS DSPK 4 Desktop 2400 02 56498

The DSPK-4’s construction makes it ready for the toughest working environments, with over-molded ergonomic volume knobs and rubber enclosure detailing to provide extra grip and durability. The control layout is designed for an effortless user experience – for both new and experienced partyline users. An intuitive icon-based menu navigation system is presented via a full-color TFT display with anti-reflective lens, making local configuration quick yet precise in any light conditions. TALK and LISTEN capability for up to four simultaneously active partylines (i.e., access to a pool of up to 16 partylines) is equally simple to control, via four large backlit channel buttons.

A choice of three different XLR headset connector options are available for flush-mount models: four-pin jack, four-pin plug or five-pin jack. Desktop and wall-mount models are each equipped with all three connector types. Bluetooth headset connectivity via USB dongle is supported on all models. The desktop version comes equipped with an external AC/DC power supply unit (PSU); the PSU can be ordered separately for the flush-mount and wall-mount versions. Users have the choice of powering their DSPK-4 via the PSU, local DC +24 V, or PoE+/PoE++ (Power over Ethernet). Users can enjoy peace of mind when powering the DSPK-4 with local DC +24 V, as PoE+/PoE++ will provide a redundant power supply if an unexpected outage occurs. Additional users can be easily added to the system using PoE connectivity — a single OMS can connect up to four analog partylines and up to 40 digital devices.

The DSPK-4 will be available in spring 2023.