RTMP Protocol Support Added to ZeeVee ZyPer H.264 Encoders

ZeeVee announced it has upgraded its ZyPerMX2 and ZyperMX4 multi-source H.264 encoders by adding support for RTMP, the most commonly used protocol for live streaming on sites such as Facebook Live, YouTube Live and other popular content distribution networks. Additionally, the company said the encoders, which can stream two sources or four sources simultaneously over IP networks, would now be able to support different sets of multiple streaming formats simultaneously for each source channel, expanding the range of devices each channel can support.

The models have also been upgraded to support AAC, a widely used and often preferred audio compression format, in addition to supporting MP2 and AC3 formats. Current users of the ZyPerMX2 and ZyperMX4 can download software free of charge from the ZeeVee website to gain use of the new features. The encoders now support four streaming protocols — RTMP, HLS, RTP and UDP.

The company also announced a new web-based player, the ZyperMX Player, for use with the two encoders. The player, available free of charge, delivers an engaging television-like experience on the desktop for distributed content, which can include live broadcast TV, movie channels or in-house programming, without having to install software.

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