RTI Finally Ships A Remote with Just the Right Amount of Buttons

RTI_T2i-0814Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI) has announced that it is now shipping its newly designed T2i remote control. Offering many of the features of a high-end remote control, such as a color touch screen, dual-RF capability and fully programmable interface, the device allows users to leverage advanced technologies at what they care calling a “budget-friendly” price.

The T2i is definitely a thinner, sleeker, more ergonomically designed controller, and it’s not one that gives you button-shock. The remote’s uses an accelerometer for rapid “instant-on” control, a flush-mount 2.8-inch edge-to-edge LCD touchscreen, a cursor button for list navigation and a back-lit keypad. For added convenience, the T2i comes with 47 fully programmable keypad buttons (yes, still too many, in our opinion, but their design hides them well), four of which feature keycaps that can be interchanged with an included set of pre-engraved keycaps or with custom-engraved keycaps using the RTI Laser Shark service.

The T2i includes two built-in wireless modes and direct IR control with a wide IR transmitting frequency range, the remote features RTI’s dual-RF platform — supporting both 433-MHz RF for one-way control and 2.4-GHz ZigBee for bi-directional communication with RTI processors and supported third-party electronics such as music servers, lighting and HVAC systems and many more.

The T2i lists for $499 and all the specs are here.