RTI Now Shipping New All-in-One Control Processor and Presentation Switcher

RTIRTI announced that it is now shipping the new VXP-82 All-in-One Control Processor and Presentation Switcher, a presentation solution aimed at conference rooms, meeting spaces, classrooms and lecture halls. It combines an 8×2 multiformat video switcher with an RTI control processor and handles video signals from up to eight sources and enables presentations on two monitors or in two rooms simultaneously.

With its built-in video switching, 4K downscaling, audio mixing, HDBaseT extension and a control processor in a single 2RU rack-mountable chassis, the VXP-82 can launch preset adjustments to the room’s lighting, HVAC, external audio amplification, videoconferencing and more.

The VXP-82’s two microphone inputs are for large spaces and those with partitions. KVM control over USB allows for multiple presentation control options using USB keyboards and mice in different areas of the same room or a secondary room. Existing in-room USB web conferencing cameras and speakers can be connected and switched, as well as traditional analog or digital audio and video sources such as laptops, media servers and streamers, DVD players and microphones.

To extend the reach of the VXP-82 Presentation Switcher & Control Processor, RTI has also introduced the VXP-T (transmitter) and VXP-R (receiver). These two new units extend high-resolution video, audio, Ethernet, control and KVM signals over long distances up to 492 feet (150 meters) via a single Cat5e/Cat6 cable.