RTI Expands Family of Music Control Solutions With MS-1 Music Streamer


RTI has expanded its family of music control solutions with the new MS-1 Music Streamer. The MS-1 provides integrators with a single-stream solution fully integrated with RTI control systems in residential or commercial settings. It can also add a stream to an existing RTI Music system.

The RTI MS-1 Music Streamer can connect to streaming services or a client’s personal music collection on a local NAS drive or computer with lossless audio (FLAC and ALAC) supported. Integrated with RTI control and RTI Music, users can access playlists and search favorite songs, artists, and albums on their preferred services, all within the RTI control app. AirPlay enables any user, even a guest, with Apple Music to play from their chosen platform on any Apple device. To build a queue of songs on the fly, the Music Queue feature enables “play now,” “play later,” or “play soon.” Favorites playlists can integrate songs from multiple services and local devices.

RTI Music integrates with a variety of streaming services, including Pandora, Spotify, SiriusXM, iHeart, TuneIn and an AirPlay option that enables Apple Music and Amazon Music. Newly added services include BBC Sounds and Qobuz. It also integrates with commercial music streaming service providers SiriusXM For Business as well as SoundMachine.