RTI Releases Version 11 of Integration Designer Control Application With Updated Personalization Options

RTI Integration Designer Control Application version 11RTI announced a new update to its Integration Designer control application software. The most visible feature in Integration Designer 11 is the all-new “Coral” template with swappable backgrounds, customizable sliders and scrolling viewports across touch screens and mobile devices. It also offers new graphics and fonts, all with auto-programming that claims to add efficiency to every project. Working behind the scenes is the integrated System Manager with adaptive auto-programming intelligence to add feedback for scenes, rooms and automation while auto-generating new macros based on what’s already been programmed in the system.

Another new addition is the built-in Driver Store, enabling integrators to find all drivers without leaving the software and searching on a separate driver site. Like all versions, Version 11 of Integration Designer enables the integrator to personalize and customize solutions that meet every home or business owner’s unique needs.