RTI Control Platform Now Works with Orro

unnamed 8 15 750x400 1RTI announced this week that the RTI control platform now works with Orro, integrating Orro’s lighting control into any home automated with RTI. With light, motion and sound sensing, along with smart switches, Orro’s adaptive lighting automatically adjusts based on homeowner presence and preferences. RTI also enables control and automation of Orro switches from within the RTI control environment. The integration adds to control system performance by launching control and automation events triggered through Orro presence detection.

The homeowner can launch lighting scenes, set dimmer levels, control lighting loads, turn individual lights or lighting groups on and off and combine Orro Switches into groups. Orro also works with popular smart bulbs and switches.

The new driver that enables the RTI-Orro integration is available to authorized RTI dealers at the RTI driver store and directly within the RTI Integration Designer 11 control application programming software.