rp Visual Solutions’ InfoComm 2017 Plans

New solutions, additional new people, and a brand new look are just some of the reasons to visit rp Visual Solutions (RPV during InfoComm. The leader in creative visual structures is back again this year to showcase their portfolio of cool stuff.

“rp Visuals is pleased to announce that due to the popularity of our creative visual structures, we are expanding our booth during InfoComm to include 20,000 sq. ft. of display surface currently being installed at the Orlando Airport. Please enjoy the view of our 700+ panel mounts configured in various and large arrays when you travel into and out of MCO Airport. This installation checks off a number of areas we specialize in – large and architecturally integrated,” said Randy Pagnan, owner of RPV.

“We’ve veered away from using the word mount because like our tagline says, we’re #MoreThanAMount. Many of our clients’ projects are so complex and heavily engineered that we can’t just call what we do a ‘mount.’ We have a legacy of creating amazing visual experiences for our clients whether it is in retail, higher education, entertainment, command/control rooms, corporate boardrooms, or other digital signage applications. We encourage you to visit our booth and tour our Mount Hall of Fame, and behold our Digital Zipper – our unique serpentine structure housing some of our innovative mounting solutions typically used for mounting LED, flat panels, projection cubes and front/rear projection systems,” said Brandy Alvarado, marketing manager and business development for RPV. “Perhaps the only place on the show floor where you can see different display technologies side by side.”

RPV does not typically show products, but rather solutions due to the custom nature of their designs. This year they have two customizable-off-the-shelf solutions. “We’re showing our new Wall Mate and LED Max Series solutions. Wall Mate is a customizable flat panel solution that can be specified and plugged into a building early on to ease onsite coordination. This self-contained unit allows for panel decision to be determined at a later time, as it accommodates a variety of sizes, mounting options, and orientations. Our LED Max Series solution is a scalable, modular LED solution ideal for customizing LED arrays with touch bezels, housings, cameras and speaker systems. Much like the Wall Mate, the LED Max can accommodate any make, model, and size LED. We think this design is far better than that of the competition, and urge you to wiggle theirs and then try to wiggle ours,” said John Brereton, vice president of sales and operations. 

rp Visual Solutions is here: www.rpvisuals.com