Royole Corporation Releases Flexible Micro-LED Display


Royole Corporation revealed the world’s first bendable, stretchable and twistable microLED display technology. Stretchable electronics build electronic circuits with stretchability and elasticity. Stretchable displays are not only foldable and rollable but also capable of 3D free form shaping, including pulling, twisting, convex and concave deformations. This accommodates three-dimensional folding for creating more compact smart devices as well as dome and spherical shapes of objects.

Royole’s microLED stretchable display technology is capable of 130% stretchability and convex bending up to 40 degrees. It retains a resolution of up to 120 pixels per inch (PPI). The microLED technology allows transmittance up to 70%, much higher than existing flexible OLED technologies, making it highly applicable to solutions such as car windshields or sunglasses. To experimentally verify the process and design method, a 2.7-inch stretchable demo panel was implemented in 96×60 resolution.

4 1Techniques used to develop stretchable displays can be applied in existing flexible display panel manufacturing processes, such as Ultra Low Temperature Non-Silicon Semiconductor Process (ULT-NSSP). ULT-NSSP technology went into mass production in 2018 and is used to manufacture Royole’s Cicada Wing flexible display which powers products like the foldable smartphone.