Roy Williams Tie Choice > Outcome of Duke vs. UNC Game


I am a Carolina Basketball fan.

No, I did not go to Carolina.

Despite this detail, I do sometimes refer to Carolina as “us” or “we” in sentences. As in: “We really need to work on our rebounding” or “I can’t believe UNLV beat us” or “Why did we EVER recruit Neil Fingleton?”

However, despite the fact that my alma mater, quite literally, is the dyslexic version of UNC, I still root for the HEELS ’till I’m Carolina blue in the face.

And, unless you’ve been under a rock today, you know that the dook vs. Carolina game is tonight. In the Dean Dome.

Now, to be honest, I’d rather lose to dook in the Dean Dome and then BEAT THE POOPOO out of them in Cameron. That, of course, being the alternative to beating the POOPOO out of them both times this season.

But, this year I must confess that, no, the outcome of tonights match is not what I am concerned with.

I am concerned with the very serious question of: What Tie Will Roy Williams Wear?

I mean, look at the man’s track record:





Seriously. I have no idea what to expect tonight. I’m on the edge of my seat.

Is there an over / under on a patterns vs. solids? Is that possible? I have no idea.

I’d love to hear your tie predictions. Comment below. You know you wanna.

photos edited in photoshop with the brush tool. yeah. take that ms paint.