Ross Video Updates its Carbonite Ultra Production Switcher


Ross Video has beefed up its Carbonite Ultra production switcher with the V4 update that includes support for all different frame rates. It also sees the addition of adjustable delays on all frame-synchronized inputs in HD and UHD. Also, the new update will offer Wide Color Gamut and HDR conversion in HD as well as UHD. Ross is also adding the RAVE audio engine (first seen in the Graphite All-In-One Product Solution) to the Carbonite Ultra switcher. This will give customers access to 13 x 48 stereo channel mixers and 384 external audio channels (24 SDI inputs x 16 audio signals) as well as 10 internal inputs (media stores and Carbonite Ultra’s internal clip player) and all of the compression limiting and EQ functionality within the engine. Up to three RAVE ABU breakout boxes will be supported, and the engine will offer Sample Rate Conversion for all frame synchs. The RAVE engine will be made available as a license ($2000 list price) or will be included without charge with every purchase of a RAVE ABU breakout box.

Finally, the new V4 update sees the addition of configurable 3D borders within DVEs.

The Carbonite Ultra production switcher is here.