Ross Video Updates Innovative Ultrix Platform to Add Even More Flexibility

ross liveOttawa, Canada, May 7th 2020 – As part of the Ross Live | 2020 program, Ross is today pleased to announce the latest updates to the innovative Ultrix routing and AV processing platform. The Ultrix has been a magnet for awards since its launch and has changed the industry’s perception of what a routing system can do. Ultrix reduces both capital and operational expense, boosting productivity by saving time, money and labor, and shrinking entire racks of traditional infrastructure down into compact units.

The latest version of Ultrix firmware – V4.2 – also sees the introduction of a new SFP I/O module for the latest generation of Ultrix-FR1, FR2 and FR5 chasses – ULTRIX-SFP-IO. This new module offers all of the powerful features customers expect from Ultrix (MultiViewers, frame syncs, clean/quiet switching, audio embedding/de-embedding, etc.) but the board features 16 SFP cages for standard video SFPs and 2 AUX ports for video/MADI connections. Ideal for customers with large fiber deployments, UHD systems (where cable distance is important) or where additional HDMI I/O is needed, this new module will be available in May.

In addition, a new optional ULTRISYNC-UHD license is being announced with V4.2, enabling customers to purchase software-enabled assignable 12G frame-syncs (with up to half a second of variable audio delay per mono channel). These licenses can “float” inside the frame and allow customers to move them between inputs as required.

Finally, the Connectivity team is very proud to announce the launch of the Ultricore-TLX Tie Line Control Manager – sophisticated control software to automatically manage routes between multiple frames. With Ultricore-TLX, single switch commands dramatically simplify the operation of routing systems, removing the requirement for an operator to understand of the system design or architecture. Ultricore-TLX is an optional license for Ultricore-BCS, and offers multi-hop automatic path-finding between all supported router types (Ultrix, NK and many 3rd party matrices). It enables the seamless routing of both SDI and IP video signals, so customers can build sophisticated hybrid routing ecosystems while maintaining easy control of the system via a DashBoard interface. Ultricore-TLX will be available in May.

For more information, please visit to watch today’s webcast with Todd Riggs, Product Manager for Connectivity.